Designed Wellbeing is a private physiotherapy clinic in Wellington, delivering a tailored service with attention to detail.

What is design Wellbeing?

Our bodies are not perfect, but they have been designed to move in a particular way.

The problem is, our lifestyles do not reflect this blueprint.

As a result, many of us experience pain. It’s the messaging system our bodies use to get our attention.

Many of us want to get rid of pain as quickly as possible. However, it presents a unique opportunity to explore why our body is sending those signals in the first place.

I specialise in treating people who experience long-term pain. As someone who has always enjoyed sport and movement, I know just how frustrating and unsettling it can be when you’re injured.

The good news? Pain is not fatal. What matters most is how we respond.

How does it Work?

I’ll conduct a detailed assessment of your body, and begin to identify the factors that may be contributing to your pain.

My name is Stephen Heron. Over the past 12 years, I’ve been privileged to help thousands of Kiwis back to health.

I pride myself on building strong relationships with my patients and understanding their experience.
When you arrive, we’ll discuss why you’re here, what you’re feeling and what your goals are.

While treating you, I’ll use a combination of hands-on therapy techniques and exercises. We may discuss lifestyle modifications.

I work in partnership with my patients. This isn’t a passive process. I’ll encourage you to be part of the solution, but I’ll be alongside you every step of the way.

The Science behind what we do

I draw on a body of work called Functional Range Conditioning (FRC). This system focuses on creating the joint motion needed to move freely, exercise safely and function in daily life.

Rather than waiting until an injury occurs, FRC promotes joint capacity, builds strength and develops control
throughout the body.

By strengthening and conditioning the whole body – including the parts we don’t usually think about – we can reduce the chance of future injury.

I have also had further training in Structural Integration through Anatomy Trains, as well as Connect Therapy and kinesiology taping.


As a physiotherapist I see patients under ACC, as well as privately.

My schedule is booked in hourly blocks and all initial appointments will be between 45 and 60 minutes.

I continue to regularly see patients to treat acute injuries. I also work closely with patients after surgery, offering postoperative
care. I offer a limited number of one-on-one training sessions, which are tailored to you.

Much of my work now is with patients who have experienced pain that did not resolve naturally.

If you are experiencing persistent pain, have suffered an injury that is simply not healing or are confused about how to manage your physical health, I would love to work with you.

Drop us a line

C: 021 294 5781

E: [email protected]

A: inside the life centre,
21 Hania street, Mount Victoria